About Kenra Technologies

Kenra Technologies specializes in the design and production of reliable high quality Power Systems for various applications. Kenra Techand group companys capabilities include design, assembly and manufacturing of SMPS based Power units & UPS systems catering to varied industries ranging from Defense to Commercial applications. Kenra Techproducts are designed to meet harsh climatic and power environment prevalent in India and stringent standards set by Defense and other industries.

Our unique designs provides heat dissipation without exposing electronic components to the external environment, preventing debris, moisture, sand, and other contaminants from coming into contact with internal components. Components are also rigidly mounted to the chassis and withstand extreme temperatures. All of our power system units are built to meet a number of Rugged Military Standards.

Expertise in engineering and manufacturing in Power Electronics along with extensive testing and quality control systems complement our product design strengths by our Team. We offer field-proven product designs meeting electrical and mechanical specifications required by industry. The management of Kenra Techhas experience of more than 20 years in varied industries ranging from electronics design & assembly, manufacturing and service industries. Our engineering team can configure power solutions for large volume programs.

Off the shelf power supplies do not always meet the specific requirements of the target application. Many power systems require custom output voltage combinations, unique control / status signals and specific mechanical packaging for optimal performance and integration. Kenra Techoffers solutions in cases where applications cannot be fulfilled from our standard product range or where customers require integrated products. We offer a wide standard product range, which provides us with the largest selection of power platforms from which we quickly deliver modified standard power solutions.

Customer-specific power solutions are maintained under strict revision control and are clearly defined by their specifications and assembly drawings. Close attention is paid to designing a product fit for purpose, ensuring conformance to the relevant industry and safety standards as well as conformance to EMI, EMC and harmonic distortion levels.

Whatever the system power requirements, Kenra Techoffers cost-effective application specific solutions that meet your electrical,mechanical, safety, EMC and thermal management requirements, while ensuring a fast time to market.

Kenra Techhas a product range that boast of high performance, unique modular options and convenient intelligence that ensures minimum manual intervention. The stream-lined design of the sophisticated systems and operations at our Manufacturing Facility ensures consistently exacting standard and quality of the products and services. The fully integrated manufacturing unit has highly advance technology that is incorporated into plant and machinery to conform to stringent military and international standards.

The high level of quality components sourced from reputed vendors globally is a matter of great pride. Thus, there are minimal problems due to quality of components and maximum consistency in product quality. The finished products are scrutinized carefully and put through rigorous quality tests to establish effective on-field performance.

To manufacture and create products of high precision and effectiveness, the testing facility is the crucial part of the final outcome. All our products match international standards & MIL grade Standards in terms of functional performance and modular creativity.

Some of the MIL grade / Environmental standards that our products comply with include :

1. EMI / EMC – MIL – STD – 461E

2. Environmental conditions for MIL – STD – 883F or JSS 55555

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